October 22, 2015


“Ramogi Rising” A cultural immersion. An inordinate fête. A notable spectacular.  A luo night. But do we say

Sauti Zuri Productions was pleased to host the first premiere “Luo Night” in the United States! The event was held in the Washington DC metropolitan area in Bethesda Maryland. The successful “Ramogi Rising Event” attracted several fans from the east coast including fans from New York City, New Jersey, and Delaware. It was a night filled with special live performances, authentic Luo cuisine, exceptional vendors and revelers enjoyed themselves to Luo/Kenyan/South Sudan/African music.

The stars of the night were Jabali Afrika! They graced the night to a superb live performance. Jabali Afrika (The Rock of Afrika) originally from Kenya, is a band with a seasoned sound and a clear, consistent message. Whether it’s Chakacha, Benga or Afro Beat, Jabali Afrika pride themselves on creating music that can shake the hip as well as the soul. Jabali’s music also adds a layer of consciousness.

Sauti Zuri is well-known for presenting notable cultural and community oriented events that nurture the soul and provide social and informative platforms for the African Diaspora in the United States. 

The event was sponsored by Bouclier, Mashariki Autos and Radio Maisha**

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